The Inspector will be testing GFCI receptacles..........  Please turn-off or power-down household appliances (computers, Televisions, etc) prior to the arrival of the inspector.

Also, please be aware that the inspector will be taking pictures of many of the found defects which will be included in the inspection report.  He will make every effort not to include personal/household belongings in the photographs.

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Before the Inspector arrives to the property, there are a few things that should be done to make the inspection go smoothly:

1.  Make sure all Utilities to the house (Gas, Water, Electric) are turned on.

2.  Make sure all Electrical panels are accessible.

3.  Make sure all HVAC Units (inside and outside the home) and Water heating equipment are accessible.

4.  Make sure all access panels or doors to attics and crawlspaces are accessible.

5.  Replace any light bulbs as necessary.

6.  Make sure that switches, receptacles, closets and storage areas are accessible.